Flemish harpsichord

double-manual harpsichord based on I. Ruckers 1624

size: 225 x 90 x 29,5cm
compass: GG-f3
2x 8' and 1x 4'
possibility to transpose: a1 392 – 415 – 440Hz

keyboard: lime wood with ebony, sharps: yew wood with bone
strings: yellow brass and iron
The first 8' register (lower keyboard) is provided with a lute register.

The instrument is based on an Ioannes Ruckers from 1624, (Colmar, France).
It was rebuilt twice (petit ravalement) in 1680 and 1720 (France).
Originally the instrument had one 8-foot and one 4-foot. The outer case has not been changed.

By expending the keyboard to f3, this Flemish harpsichord has become a fairly universal instrument and is related to the Ruckers instruments with a 'grand ravalement'.