Italian harpsichord

Size: 202,5 x 86,3 x 26,3cm
Compass: GG-d3

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small Italian harpsichord "false inner-outer"

double-manual harpsichord made after Mietke

Size: 234,5 x 92 x 28,5cm
Compass: FF-f3

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with walnut music-stand

double-manual harpsichord made after I. Ruckers

size: 225 x 90 x 29,5cm
compass: GG-f3

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Flemish harpsichord

Muselar mother and child

Copies from the Ioannes Ruckers from 1623 ('Landesmuseum Stuttgart')
compass: C - c3 (mother) and c - c4 (child), shortened octave

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