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Hubregt Bom

From 1982 Hubregt Bom worked in his father's, Cornelis Bom's workshop. Through the building of many harpsichords Hubregt developed craftsmanship and love for this instrument. After 25 years of production of luxury, custom-made furniture, under the name "Bom Interieurs", Hubregt again started building harpsichords in 2016.

Hubregt and Cornelis

Cornelis Bom

Cornelis Bom has been building harpsichords since 1972. With hundreds of instruments as well as restaurations to his name, Cornelis Bom has built a great reputation. His instruments are played on and appreciated by many lovers of the harpsichord around the world.

Hans Nieuwenhuijzen

Hans Nieuwenhuijzen worked for Cornelis Bom from 1985 until 1991. He made many keyboards and bowed instruments.
Hans has been working for Bom Interieurs for over twenty years.

Hans Nieuwenhuijzen, Hubregt Bom en Cornelis Bom

"True love never grows old"

“Hubregt and Hans have continued to develop characterfull instruments. We consider it a privilege and honor to be able to use Cornelis Bom's insights and expertise.